Eisenbahn-Fest Staßfurt 1/2 – Steam Train – Züge

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Dieser Film ist auch auf meiner DVD “Eisenbahnfeste Staßfurt und Nossen” zu sehen. In Staßfurt fand im Juni 2011 ein wunderschönes Eisenbahnfest statt. Vor Ort waren Dampflokomotiven unterschiedlicher Baureihen, von denen auch einige unter Dampf waren. Man konnte Pendelfahrten auf dem Führerstand machen und auch ein Güterzug fuhr für die Besucher um Foto- und Videoaufnahmen zu ermöglichen. Als Gast kam dann noch ein Sonderzug, der von der ölgefeuerten Lokomotive 41 096, die mit einer imposanten Geräuschkulisse ihrer Brenner imponierte. Dieser Film ist Teil 1 des zweiteiligen Filmes. This video is a part from my DVD “Eisenbahnfeste Staßfurt und Nossen”.


sbgabe says:

To elaborate on the answer. They create a draft, lifting the smoke away from the loco and crew. The UP 844 has a larger set of these as well. Other engines have deflectors right on the stack. The Santa Fe had various types of stack extenders to raise the smoke but the crew had to be very mindful of low tunnels and shop areas.

Steven McMahon says:


northstar1950 says:

In the UK these devices are called “Smoke Deflectors” as already mentioned they are aerodynamically designed to lift the exhaust so that it does not drift along the boiler and block the crews view from the footplate. They are usually only fitted to large high boilered locos when height restrictions prevent a taller chimney from being fitted.

cber8860 says:

they look so german ish

rwhitenight says:

Das ist gute. Wunderbar.

patrickgt25 says:


Unguidedone says:

when i see videos like this is pains me to know i was born into a different age where things like this are no longer common.

housil says:

Danke für´s hochladen! Tolle Aufnahmen!!

tolykozin says:

Look how well maintained the german trains are compared to most other places in the world, clean efficient and certainly looks like they know what they are doing

ChrizRockster says:

Beautiful machines!

NABEdeNABE says:


pablof59 says:

These awesome machines can be refueled with just a hawk and a basquet ! You just need a small water course and some trees !-)

Richard Armour says:

Down at the station,early in the morning,see the little puffer bellies all in a row! Puff puff,
toot toot,off we go!

Damian Yoss says:

Doesn’t 52 7596 run from St Georgen to Triberg nearly year round? or is that a special occasion trip?

Damian Yoss says:

However I would not be surprised if the modern stock/loco’s have automatic couplers.

Damian Yoss says:

Europeans are not lazy :D Automatic Couplers damage Rolling Stock’s chassis/frame as well with the force needed to lock them.

HapticX says:

steam still are the most powerful drivers on tracks, far beyond diesel or electric units. love the feel of the sound as it resonates.

JBofBrisbane says:

They are referred to as “smoke deflectors”. They have two because the fireman has to sight any signals on his side, because the driver can’t see them through the boiler.

John Kirkham says:

small children like trains. there is a random element in the location of their clicks. ;)

Santiago Vera says:


almaz assyura says:

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lukebccb says:

Why did the railways in Europe not adapt automatic coupling and instead stayed with the chain and buffer coupler?

Taylor Williams says:

101 dislikes? Train haters.

930Studios says:

Sweet! its like looking at Thomas & Friends for real!

MrCagivaman says:

In the UK, they are called ‘ smoke deflectors ‘

Bidone1967 says:

This steam trains are in a steam train museum. She drives on some days in the year.
Some narrow gauge railways drives every day with steam locomotives.
Look for the Harzer Schmalspurbahn in the Harz mountains and the Weißeritztalbahn near by Dresden.

Jorge Urbieta says:

Can you tell me if those steam trains are still on service just for sightseeing tour or normal service across the nation??? I’m planing a travel to Europe next year and I wanna take a trip on those wonderfull trains.

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