World’s steepest funicular powered by ABB technology

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The new funicular railway running to the Swiss mountain village of Stoos is the steepest of its kind in the world. Replacing an older route dating from 1933, the new track is powered by custom-made ABB motors, as well as traction components and cabling.

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stickloaf says:

the Swiss are busy people year round…after all there's a lot of dirty money in this world needed to run the wars…the one country that helped Hitler the most by turning a blind eye and helping the evil nazi regim

Trent Mehaffey says:

This is just a rip off of the St. Louis Arch elevators. They look just like this.

bill605able says:

Its all funicular till somebody loses an eye.

Phillip Mulligan says:

If they only had a second funicular running along side it to function as a counterweight the amount of energy needed would be considerably less.

Monorail Beyond the Veil* says:

Very nice! But you didn't show enough of the actual ride.

Tony Dadon says:

ABB…….We put the FUN in funicular!!

Baidu Mel says:

Where is the counterweight? on the other side of the mountain.

Gord Baker says:

Cable supplied by the lowest bidder?

Aussie Jim says:

Not as steep as the Katoomba Railway in Australia which is 52 degrees

Jacques Mertens says:

Trying to understand why it would take 1.2 million Watts to power this thing, despite the counterweight. That just doesn't seem right.

Mad Mack says:

Look like giant donuts. Mmmm lemon glaze.

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